Pepper's Frisbee Fun

Play Pepper's Frisbee Fun game and test your throwing skills outside in the sun! Aim and throw frisbees through rings of treats for Pepper to catch!

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Enjoy a fun day in the park with your adorable puppy in Pepper's Frisbee Fun game! There's no time to sit around with the lovely companion Pepper, as she's full of energy! Chasing the frisbee around is the puppy's favorite game, and she will catch it every time! How far can you throw the disk before the lovely Pepper gets it?

Playing with an excited puppy is so entertaining! Your goal in this game is to throw the frisbee toward Pepper and see if she can catch it mid-air! How good is your throwing hand? We're about to find out! When throwing the frisbee, don't forget to collect some of the treats and make Pepper's day even better!

How to Play

The only tool you need to have lots of fun with your puppy friend in this game is your mouse! Aim and click to throw your frisbee toward Pepper. The arrow allows you to set the angle and power of your throw. Make sure you don't throw it too far, or the poor dog won't be able to catch it in time!

If Pepper doesn't catch the frisbee, you'll lose a life, so make sure your throws are not too hard! Once the five lives run out, it's game over! You can click the Full View button to expand the map and avoid making mistakes! This way, it is easier to plan your throws!

You can gain bonus points by throwing the frisbee through the occasional circle of treats! The disk will collect everything during the throw, and if Pepper catches it, your score will improve! Collect those points and feed the pup a few delicious treats too!

Are you ready to make the most of this sunny day and play with your adorable canine companion, Pepper? Time for some frisbee fun!