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Play the Kaya's Search game and develop a handy skill set! Complete the mini-games to learn information about animal tracking and find Kaya's brothers!

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About Kaya's Search Game

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Learn how to track animal footprints and read the signs of the forest in the Kaya's Search game! The young girl's tribe is ready to move from the summer camp to the winter home. They have gathered supplies during the hot season to last through winter. However, as they're getting ready to leave, Kaya's brothers Sparrow and Wing Feather are nowhere to be found!

Your job in this game is to help Kaya find the two rascals by tracking down their footprints. Many animals live and move around the tribe's meadow, so the young girl must first determine if there are dangerous ones. Play the mini-games and learn new skills for your next trip out in nature!

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. To find Kaya's brothers, you need to navigate the mini-game map and discover new tracks on your way. Each mini-game will have specific instructions and teach new things about all kinds of footprints. Remember to pay attention! Some of them might become more difficult as you advance.

There are three mini-games to complete throughout your search. Here they are:

- Circle Swap: click on the rotating pieces to drag them to their rightful place and create an image

- Fast Tracks: match the footprints with the right animal as fast as possible and collect bonuses

- Tracking Tiles: line up three or more animal track tiles horizontally or vertically to create a match.

Complete all the challenges, and you'll become a master at tracking footprints in no time! Nothing can escape your keen observation skills.

What else you should know

You can use the bonuses you gather in the Fast Tracks mini-game only during the Tracking Tiles one. Just click and drag them onto your game board. They will offer you some extra time to complete the challenge.

Every time you finish a set and move on to another section of the map, you discover new animals. You will find bears and foxes around the meadow, rabbits in the forest, or otters and ducks near the river.

If you click on the About tab in the Main Menu, you can read up on tracking tips. Some of them are: be quiet, patient and keep your eyes open to look at everything around you.

Now that you've learned about tracking, it's time for adventure. Will you be able to find Kaya's brothers in time for moving?