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Dive into playful math puzzles in the American Girl: Plus Minus game! Ready to unleash your inner math detective using just + or - to solve equations?

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Play the American Girl: Plus Minus game for a fun twist to regular math problems. Some key pieces are missing in our math puzzles – the very symbols that complete them! It's like trying to read a story with missing words but with numbers.

Become the math detective that every equation needs! It's your job to fill in the gaps, ensuring every math statement stands true. But remember, you've only got two tools in your toolkit: the plus and the minus.

How to Play

Armed with just your mouse, navigate through each level. Click on the spaces between the numbers to add the math signs. It's as simple as picking either "+" or "-." 

As you progress, you'll be greeted by equations that might seem incomplete at first. On the left, you'll see a set of numbers waiting for their missing signs, and on the right, their result. Your task is to use either a plus or a minus to make the equation correct. Think of it as piecing together a numeric puzzle, ensuring each piece fits snugly with the next.

A good strategy is to first look at the result. Is it a positive or negative number? This can give you a clue about how many pluses or minuses you might need.

Math has never been this fun and engaging! Dive into a world where numbers tell a story, and you get to be the author. Are you ready to take on the challenge and be the equation master? Dive in now and let the number fun begin!