Pet Pick-Up

Play the Pet Pick-Up game and test your skills in a fun toy-gathering challenge! Jump around and avoid obstacles to collect the American Girl pets' toys!

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Build an impressive toy collection and play with your fluffy friends in the Pet Pick-Up game! Pets aren't very picky about what they play with, but toys are definitely amongst their favorite! The black cat might like a toy mouse to run after, while the white, furry dog enjoys throwing and chasing a ball! However, the trinkets are scattered everywhere, and it's your turn to find them! Can you help gather them all?

You can make the American Girl pets happy by doing your task successfully and collecting all their toys in a basket! You cannot miss this game if you enjoy showing off your skills and clearing obstacle challenges! How many toys can you grab each turn?

How to Play

You can use your mouse or your keyboard to collect the toys. Move your cursor Left and Right to control the cat or dog and click to jump! On your keyboard, you can use the Left and Right arrow keys to move and the Up key to jump! But first, you must choose your favorite American Girl pet! Which fluffy friend will it be?

You should avoid all the birds and hamsters that fly and walk around! Every time you hit an obstacle, you'll drop all the toys you've collected so far and lose one of your chances! You can only run into a bird or hamster five times before it's game over!

You can collect as many toys as possible and drop them in the basket on the bottom-left side of your screen to gain extra points! The more toys you hold before the drop, the higher the score! Just don't drop them while going toward the basket!

So are you ready for a fun challenge featuring your favorite pets from the American Girl series? Don't let anything stop you!