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Have lots of fun and learn helpful lessons with the Holly Hobbie Games! Go on exciting adventures with your friends, the Hey Girls, and your family!


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Meet Holly Hobbie!

Holly Hobbie is a character named after the person who designed it, an American illustrator born in the '40s. In the '60s, her brother-in-law convinced her to start selling artwork featuring a very distinctive character inspired by her own children. The cat-loving, rag dress-wearing little girl, was initially nameless, but then she became Holly Hobbie. Fifty years later, Paramount Pictures redesigns this classic character and introduces it to the new generation! So, are you ready to follow the daily life of a very active little girl who loves having fun with her friends and family?

Holly Hobbie and Friends offers a refreshing take on a character we all know and love. Holly is a small town girl with a lot of dreams. She is constantly on the hunt for a new challenge or a thrilling adventure. This blonde beauty with glimmering blue eyes is not as innocent as she might seem! She has a genuinely unique, spunky style, complete with vintage dresses and bell-bottomed jeans. This intelligent young girl is very independent and fights for what she believes in! Sure, she is stubborn, can't keep a secret and sometimes she seems like a know it all...It's all part of her charm! As a result, some of her grand ideas don't always go as planned! Luckily, she still has her friends, family, and beloved pets by her side!

Family time is always fun for Holly Hobbie!

Holly is one of the luckiest girls in the world! She has a great family who loves and supports her throughout her self-discovery journey. Mother Joan and father Gary are ready to stick up for her in any situation. They know they are the parents of two very resourceful children and try their best to keep up! Fortunately, Uncle Dave and Aunt Jessie are always there to lend a hand, if they can! Jessie and Joan are sisters and best friends. No matter how many times their beloved children find themselves in a difficult situation, they always manage to get them out of trouble! Therefore, their strong relationship is a beautiful example for Holly and her brother.

Robby Hobbie is Holly's younger brother. Just like his sister, he has a strong personality and a big attitude. He is very intelligent and inventive, always coming up with a new idea. You can find him building a fort with his cousin or working on a new plant that produces lemon flavored jelly beans. Naturally, his favorite thing to do is play harmless pranks on his older sister, or even challenge her to a friendly competition. See if you can beat him and Kyle in Holly’s Water Balloon Blast game!

Let's not forget that pets are the most essential part of the family! Doodles, the family dog, never leaves Holly's side. He acts as her protector and best friend and follows her everywhere! What is more, he even gets along with Cheddar, Amy's adorable pet pig, and Bonnet, Carrie's surprisingly friendly cat.

The "Hey Girls" and their adventures

Holly loves her friends very deeply! Whether it is planning a pajama party or making a special friendship bracelet, she always thinks of ways of spending time with Carrie and Amy. Even when they are apart, they email each other daily. After all, it's essential to keep in touch with your best friends, no matter where they are!

Amy, a fiery redhead, and sweet-natured Carrie complete Holly's outgoing personality perfectly! Most of the time, you can find them spending quality time together. For example, they often help aunt Jessie bake muffins for her cafe. You can even lend them a hand by playing The Hey Girls Muffin Maker game. Sometimes, Holly comes up with a particularly ambitious idea. As a result, they all need to work together in order to succeed! For instance, the girls try their hand at running a business all by themselves. Find out if they manage to pull it off in the Lemonade Stand game.

Each one of the girls' adventures ends up being a helpful life lesson. By experimenting with new activities, the three friends learn about the world around them. Along the way, they are sure to make mistakes, and sometimes they bite off more than they can chew! But this is not an issue for our courageous trio. All their problems seem to have a solution! Whether they ask their parents for advice or reconcile by singing a song together, they always find a way.

Are you ready for an afternoon of fun with the Holly Hobbie games? Join this dreamer in her quest to discover the world, accompanied by her loving family and loyal friends. You will surely have the time of your life!

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