BeanBag Toss

Holly, Amy, and Carrie need your help in the BeanBag Toss Game. Aim at the squares, get three in a row and win some prizes that you will enjoy forever!

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It is a sunny day today in Clover. And Holly Hobbie wants to spend some quality time with her two best friends, Amy and Carrie. Would you want to join them and have some fun? Then come and help them win some great prizes in the BeanBag Toss Game. 

Holly, Amy, and Carrie, the three amazing friends have decided to spend their day in the Clover County Fair. There are lots of entertaining games to play and many delicious foods to eat. But most importantly, so many possibilities to win some delightful prizes. And the three friends share a common passion: the beanbag game. They enjoy this game so much, but they are not able to win the prizes alone. And this is why they really need you to help them. Go to the Beanbag Toss Stand alongside them and show them how well you can aim the targets. 

How to Play

There will be a wooden square divided into nine other tiny squares. Each one of them hides a secret prize that the three girls have the possibility to win. Grab the beanbag and throw it at one of the squares to make it turn around and reveal the image of the prize. Do this by pointing with your mouse towards one of the squares.

To actually win the prize, you will have to score three images in the same round of throws. You have five beanbags per throw, which means that you will get five chances to get three images in a single round. Once you have all three of them, the collected prize will appear on the right side of the screen. If you have already received one award, you will not be able to get the same one twice, even though you got the three images of that object. But do not worry, there are many rounds, and you will get the chance to win some other beautiful gifts. A teddy bear, some flowers or even an apple pie, all waiting for you to collect them. 

What are you waiting for? Help the three girls win some fantastic prizes. And do not forget to have some fun while doing that!