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Play the Berry Beats Music Maker Game and make YOUR version of the Strawberry Shortcake Song! Bring the creativity, Berrykins will bring the instruments!

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Beats Music Maker | NuMuKi
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Create your own version of the Strawberry Shortcake song in this Berry Beats Music Maker Game! Strawberry Shortcake and the lovely little Berrykins decided to experiment with the tune you have all been familiar with. Want to join them?

You have all the instruments you need at just one click away! Like the outcome? Just hit ‘Record’ and save your work. Want to share your masterpiece? Add an email address and spread the word among your friends! Let’s do this!

How to Play

You only need the mouse to control the Berry Mixer. In the center, we have the instruments. You have everything you need to make a hit, from Bass and Electric Guitars to Drums and Piano.

Each color represents an instrument, and the rows give you four different beats for each of them. Click on one strawberry to hear how it sounds, and then click it again if you want to stop it.

So you have your main theme. Let’s talk about Vocals. Animate the song by adding some of your favorite Berry Girls’ lines. You can choose them from the left side of the Berry Mixer.  Blast the volume up from the right side of the panel.

Strawberry is thrilled with the results! Let’s record your hard work! Now it’s important to keep in mind your choice for each instrument. You will need them later. On the right top corner of the Berry Mixer is the recording panel. Hit the red button to start recording.

Here’s where you need to focus and remember what you just played. The music will be off, and now you have 2 minutes to recreate the song. Add Vocals, stop or change the tune of an instrument and adjust the volume whenever you like! Go ahead and have fun! Hit the Stop button when you are done, followed by the Play button to listen to your song!

You like what you hear? Then go ahead and push the Save button. Give a name to your creation, and it will automatically be saved in your playlist. You can go and check it out anytime you like!

Tips and Tricks

You can play it safe and choose the same beat for all of the instruments, but where would be the fun in that? Strawberry’s advice would be to try the music devices alone first. Hence, you can clearly hear all the different beats and chose your favorite for each instrument. Then go ahead and mix them all together!

Sometimes you may not be happy with the results, but you can’t figure out which instrument doesn’t go along with the tune. This is where the Reset button in the lower right corner comes into play, so you can start all over.

Sharing is caring, so if you want your friends to also boop their heads to the Berry Beat you just made, choose it from the playlist and click on the ‘Share your song’ option below. All you need is their email address. 

Oh, you’ve got a link already to one of your buddy’s work? Open the menu from up-top, add the code, and just wait for the piece to start playing.

Congratulations! You won the little Berrykins’ and our hearts!