Strawberry Shortcake: Coloring Book

Play the Coloring Book game and meet Strawberry Shortcake and all her friends from the Berry Bitty City! Have fun and bring out your creative side!

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Try the Coloring Book game and join your friends from the Berry Bitty City in a thrilling adventure! Strawberry Shortcake is very curious to check out your artistic vision. What is more, she isn't the only one impatiently waiting to be colored! Custard, Strawberry's pet and best friend, will also be joining you on this creative adventure. Do you think you can satisfy your favorite characters?  Make sure you choose the best colors and put these two ladies in the best light!

Even easier than coloring in real life!

The gameplay is incredibly simple.  It's even easier than coloring in real life!  The crayons don't get scattered everywhere; therefore all the colors are at your disposal any time you like. All you need to do to fill in a specific section is click on your desired color. The next step is to click on the piece that you want to color. Easy as pie, right?

Speaking of color, you have plenty of options available. On the left side of the screen, you will find no less than 48 crayons! From electric blue to hot pink and every other color in between, you will surely find exactly the shade you need! 

Before you can get on and color, you need to make a difficult decision. With eight different coloring pages to choose from, it can be quite hard to make up your mind! Would you like to be the designer of Strawberry Shortcake's snowboarding outfit? Would you rather choose the color palette for her very own rockstar poster? Are you in the mood for a cup of tea with Strawberry and her adorable cat, custard? Whichever scene is more your taste, you will surely find something to suit your taste. 

Bring the color to these charming pictures!

Once, you have decided, there are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind. Remember that you can color multiple small elements at a time. For example, clicking on the red crayon and then on a flower on Strawberry's dress will fill them all in with the same color. Neat and easy, right?

What is more, you can always change your mind regarding the color palette. If you have made a mistake or even just changed your mind, you can easily fox that. Just choose another crayon and color over it! 

After you are done with your creation, it's time to show it off! I am sure your friends will want to check out your masterpiece. You can even use the picture you have created to decorate your room. Press the 'Print' button whenever you consider your artwork complete.

Are you getting a bit bored of coloring online? You can always print out the picture before you start coloring it! This way you can use your own crayons and even watercolors to create a truly unique image. Pretty neat, right?

Ready too let your artistic side come out and run wild? This game will surely help you unleash all your creativity without making a mess around the house! What is more, you will encounter your favorite characters from the Berry Bitty City. It will surely be a blast!