Plum's Movin' to the Beat

Help out beloved Plum Pudding practice her choreography in the Plum’s Movin’ to the Beat Game! Get ready, stretch out a bit, and turn up the volume!

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About Plum's Movin' to the Beat Game

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The Plum’s Movin’ to the Beat Game is about shaking off to the beat! Meet our carefree dancer, Plum Pudding, on her way for rehearsals. The little Berrykins are already at the Studio, making sure the dance ring is ready and that the instruments are in good shape. All you have to do is bring up the fun!

New beginnings are always a bit shaky, but with Plum’s energy and the little Berrykins’ advice, you will learn the moves in no time! Use the keyboards for control and help Plum complete her choreography.

How to Play

For this game, you will need the Left, Right, and Down arrow keys. Press the right arrow, according to which basket is the little Berrykin falling into. Be sure that the Berrykin has reached the detection zone of the basket! Otherwise, pressing the arrow too quickly will be counted as a mistake. 

At first, you will need to move quickly between keys. Make sure you catch them all before the time runs out! If you miss one, Plum will shake instead of dancing. You are allowed to make only three mistakes per level; otherwise, the game ends. Don’t worry, Plum will surely give you another try!

Plum is an experienced dancer. She knows that some choreographies are more problematic than others. In the last two levels, you will need to switch from pressing just one key to pressing two or even all three keys at the same time!

Be careful when switching between combinations of two keys! It’s the trickiest of all! These levels will also require more key combinations, but I’m sure you will meet up to the task!

You can see how much time you’ve got in the right top corner of the screen. Should you feel overwhelmed, but refuse to lose the level, there is also a pause button. You’ll find it underneath the clock display, and you can press it every time you need to take a break.

Berry Good Job! You are exceptional on the dance floor! Make sure to dance along to the beat and spread the love wherever you go!