Let's Make Lemonade!

Run your own Lemonade stand in the Let's Make Lemonade Game! Help Strawberry Shortcake and her friends get the right recipe and earn bonuses along the way!

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Help Strawberry Shortcake manage her small-town business in the Let's Make Lemonade Game! Summer has come, and the girls are out in the fields to gather delicious ingredients for juice-making! With their mouthwatering recipes and Strawberry's initiative and everlasting energy, they decided to give back to the community.

What could be more beneficial on a hot summer day than a Lemonade stand for the people of BerryBitty City to enjoy? It even includes a home-delivery service! What do you say? Shall we join the girls and help them make delicious juice?

Complete all three levels to earn coloring pages that you can print off later. Don't hesitate to also help Strawberry with certain specific tasks that come up on the way. For each successfully accomplished mission, you will receive one or two decorations to spice up your drawings. Try to hit a high score by collecting as many fruits as possible. Ready to pun on some protective gear? It's a bit muddy in the BerryBitty landfills … Let's go!

How to successfully complete each level

You will need a mouse and a printer for this one. To begin with, we'll help Strawberry and her friends gather all the ingredients required to make Lemonade and Strawberry Juice. Use your mouse to move the basket back and forth and collect those delicious fruits. Remember, the fuller the basket, the bigger the score!

In the second level, we'll be filling Strawberry's Lemonade orders. Use the two pitchers to fill as many cups as possible. Things are not as simple as they may seem, though. It's really tricky to get the exact timing … Make no doubt, you won't get them all. But don't worry! It's more about the fun and quality time spent with the girls than about making everything perfect!

In level three, we're going for a ride in BerryBitty City! Hop on your favorite bicycle, and let's deliver those Lemonades we've worked so hard for! Drop a Lemonade cup or a Strawberry Juice to each house, according to their owner's preferences. Try to get as many beverages as possible before the clock runs up. Watch out for Strawberry's little fluffy ones, though. Should Pupcake or Crustad get to those sweet drinks, there will be nothing left for you to deliver!

Getting those extra decorations

To unlock them during the first level, gather at least 15 fruits before the time runs up. With every 15 points added to your score, the number of decorations multiplies. That is, if you score between 15 and 29, you get one ornament. If you score between 30 and 44, you'll receive two patches at the end of the level and so on. Don't worry about missing some of the fruits, it's impossible to catch them all!

In the second level, you'll need to fill up 6 Lemonade orders and 2 Strawbery Juice cups. Still, I would be surprised if you can pass this level and receive your coloring page, let alone complete the task of earning those patches!

To successfully end the game and master level three, make sure each customer gets their requested amount of drinks. Some may want only two glasses of Lemonade; some may favor the Strawberry Juice, and some may ask for a combination of the two. The number of cups for each beverage will be shown at the bottom of the page, next to the assigned customer.

What else you should know

Tip: Don't worry too much about getting that specific number delivered and don't stop when you've achieved it. A simple, equal distribution of beverages will ensure your task is fulfilled and will also get you extra points.

Congratulations! You've reached the end! And might I say, you've done a pretty great job. It's time for your reward. Press Start to begin decorating! Use the arrows to move through the coloring pages. Choose from the ornaments' list and click on the ones you like the most. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, connect your computer to a printer and click the print button.

Let your imagination unleash on the page or hit the Replay button to beat your own high score!