Holly's Water Balloon Blast

Find out how good is your aim while playing Holly's Water Balloon Blast Game! Make Robby and Kyle soaking wet in this exciting water balloon fight!

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Are you ready for a water balloon fight? Test your aim with Holly's Water Balloon Blast game! Holly's little brother and his friend are up to no good once again! They decided to skip out on their chores and challenge her to an old-fashioned balloon fight. As any fun-loving sister would, she decided to take up the invitation and show them she never misses the target. It's up to you to help Holly get them soaking wet, so make sure you put your best foot forward! The cheerful, colorful design and upbeat country music will surely help you enjoy a delightful afternoon of refreshing fun!

The game consists of three rounds, each one of them set in a different location around Holly and Robby's house. The aim is to launch as many of the red water balloons as you can before the time runs out. The boys will be hiding behind bushes, trees and sometimes even right under your nose! Get them wet by throwing the balloon at the right time. Each balloon that reaches its target scores you a point. Pay attention! Robby and Kyle aren't the only characters you might encounter in your backyard. The adorable Doodles and comical Cheddar, your beloved pets, are also hanging out in the yard. Make sure you don't hit them by accident! Every time your balloon reaches the wrong target, you lose a point. Try your best to be precise and see how many points you can collect by the end of the three rounds. Each round consists of only 30 seconds, so make sure you hit the target as many times as you can before you run out of time.

The game controls

The gameplay is very easy to get used to. All you need to do is move your mouse left or right to change Holly's position and align her with the target. In order to launch your balloon, you simply click on the desired target. However, you must be warned: the game is not as easy as it seems! Robby and Kyle are very quick on their feet, so you need to throw the balloon at the exact right time in order to earn points.

Are you ready for a fun, splash-filled day? Put your aim, precision, and timing to the test with this simple, yet very exciting game! Earn as many points as you can and have the time of your life in the company of Holly and her friends!