Ever After High Games

Become the character of a unique fairy tale with the Ever After High Games! Are you ready to meet the charming Royals and the brave Rebels?

Jump inside a fairy tale like no other!

Step into a world of charm, magic, and enchanting characters with the Ever After High Games! They are based on a unique doll franchise that was launched by the iconic company Mattel in 2013. Can you believe that the fashion doll line has spawned a web series, a movie, and even books?

What makes these particular dolls stand out? Why are their adventures so unique and engaging for people of all ages? Most importantly, the series encourages the viewer to see classic stories from a new perspective. What is more, the courageous and innovative character design sets the line of dolls apart from anything that you have ever seen!

Are you curious yet? All you need to do is visit the Fairy Tale World and take a right turn at the Ever After High boarding school. It is attended by the teenage children of well-known fairy tale characters, such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the Evil Queen. As is the case with most high school students, their lives involve friendship, schoolwork, romance, and even drama!

However, keep in mind that this is no ordinary school! Magic and destiny play an important role here. For instance, some of the students at this high school don't wish to follow the footsteps of their famous parents. On the other hand, a large group believes that destiny is the only way to get a happy ending.

Can the characters get past their differences? Who turns out to be right in the end? The only way to find out is to jump inside this unusual fairytale!

Meet the charming Royals with the Ever After High Games!

If you respect tradition and believe in faith, you will definitely get along with the Royals. Not too surprisingly, most of these characters are related to the heroes of well-known fairy tales. As a result, following their destiny will lead to a happy ending. Let's meet these charming characters!

Have you met Apple White? It's not hard to fall in love with this pale, blonde beauty. Naturally, as the daughter of Snow White and her Prince, this cheerful princess is extremely popular and beloved in Ever After High. Besides, her intelligence, commitment, and leadership skills set her apart.

Ever since early childhood, Apple has dreamed of following her fate and achieving her Happy Ever After. Naturally, she is the biggest advocate for the students signing their contracts with destiny. 

Have you seen that gorgeous hair? Blondie Lockes is one of Apple's best friends and one of the most loyal Royals. This high school socialite is charming, friendly, and has very high standards. However, her biggest insecurity is based on the fact that she isn't part of any royal family. Nonetheless, she is appreciated by her peers, especially for her MirrorCast news show!

There are many more Royals that you can meet, such as Dexter Charming, Briar Beauty, and Holly O'Hair. They all have unique personalities, but their values are what unites them. Watch them interact with each other and the Rebels with the Finding Forever After game!

Rewrite destiny with the Rebels!

Unlike the Royals, there is a large group of students that refuse to sign the Storybook of Legends and accept their established destiny. What is more, they believe that the entire fairytale universe should rethink their traditions and internal order. Isn't that brave?

The founder of the Rebel movement is none other than Raven Queen. Understandably, the daughter of the Evil Queen wishes to escape the villain role that she has been assigned. However, she didn't know that refusing to comply with tradition will make her the leader of an entire group of students.

Follow the adventures of this sarcastic, yet kind and intelligent young woman as she tries to rewrite destiny! You can even help her become a trained dragon rider, in the cool Dragon Dash game!

Who is that extravagant apparition? You should meet Madeline Hatter, one of the most cheerful and friendly characters in Ever After High. Obviously, she is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and the successor to his role. Unlike the other Rebels, Madeline is happy with her destiny but believes that everybody can choose their path in life. Join her world of whimsy and magic with the Wonderland Adventure game!

There are many other fascinating Rebels that you can meet in the Ever After High Games, each one of them featuring a unique and moving backstory. Nonetheless, this doesn't prevent them from bonding with Royals, and even forming complex and long-lasting friendships. For instance, Raven and Apple have always been roommates, and they care deeply for one another. 

Join these fairy tale teenagers as they go through the struggles of school work and try to handle a life filled with magic and adventure! Despite their unique personalities and opposing beliefs, they prove that the relationships with those around you are the most important aspect of adolescent life!

There are currently 8 free online Ever After High games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.