True Hearts Matchmaker

Use your Spelltacular Moves to complete the puzzle in the True Hearts Matchmaker game! Can you match all the icons fast enough and pass the challenge?

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Enjoy C.A. Cupid's favorite time of the year in the True Hearts Matchmaker game! True Hearts Day is a special event for all Ever After High students. Your friend is ready to help them with their love lives, but she needs your help first! Will you join her for this fun matchmaking adventure?

It's time to start matching all the colorful icons! To earn points and fill up your True Love Meter, you must find rows of three or more similar elements. Move the tiles around to form groups, and don't forget to use your magic abilities! Are you confident you can complete this mission?

How to Play

There's no bow and arrow needed to become Cupid's helper! The only tool you need for today's mission is your mouse. Click on an icon and drag it toward the one next to it to make a match! Once you're ready to use your Spelltacular Moves, all you have to do is tap on each one to unleash your abilities!

Cupid wants to teach you all about True Hearts Day, so she has prepared 15 fun levels for you to try! Will you be able to fill up the True Love Meter? To do this, you will have to match three of the same elements each time. Just do your best to move swiftly and build up your powers! 

Each icon will give you 100 points. However, the more items you manage to group up in one move, the higher your score will be! Just remember that you can only move horizontal or vertical neighbors. Your movement is limited, so you must think of a strategy to complete Cupid's challenge!

What else you should know

While matching three or more true hearts icons in a row, your True Love Meter will start to fill up! Keep in mind that you must act quickly, or your powers will begin to drain. Each stage has a time limit, and every second is precious! If you can't move on to the next level before the time is up, it's game over. 

Remember to charge your Spelltacular Moves and use them to improve your performance! These special abilities will help you break multiple elements at a time and fill up your meter.

Each power is unique and will smash the tiles in a different pattern. Just make sure to use your moves wisely because they can increase their levels and become even more powerful the longer you wait!

There's no time to lose! C.A. Cupid is counting on you to play matchmaker at her favorite event of the year! Will you be able to fill the Love Meter before True Hearts Day is over?