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Play the Dragon Dash game, and go for a thrilling race through the clouds! Can you become a mighty dragon rider and navigate the skies like a pro?

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Play the Dragon Dash game to race among the clouds with your favorite characters from the Ever After High series! Can you handle the great power of a mighty dragon? This amazing game allows you to test out your reflexes, speed, and ability to think on your feet. What is more, you can do all this surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of the series!

Have you ever seen a sparkly bright pink dragon? What about an elegant baby-blue creature with huge ornate wings? Now you have the opportunity to meet these wonderful beings, befriend them, and ride them through the sky! Isn't that amazing?

Learn how to handle the dragon's mighty power!

To become a mighty dragon rider, you need to train very hard. The challenge of this game is to complete a course filled with airborne obstacles multiple times.

Can you travel further with each try? The end goal is to complete 350 meters of this exciting race. Don't get discouraged if you fail at first! Everybody knows that practice makes perfect.

In the very beginning, you will play the role of Apple White. Her golden dragon is magnificent! You can also unlock Darling Charming, Holly O'Hair, and even Raven Queen if you gather enough glowing blue gems! Can you upgrade all four characters to their maximum level?

Flying is much easier than it seems! The dragon moves forward on its own. You only need to press the Up and Down Arrows on your keyboard to control the height of your flight.

Is there something in your way? You can either go around it or blast it out of your way. Just press the Space Bar to release a scorching fireball!

Become better with every flight!

As you complete the course multiple times, you will learn how to navigate the airborne obstacles better. For example, did you know that going through a hoop will grant you a little speed boost?

Keep an eye out for the bonuses that might come your way. Are you tired of dodging obstacles? Look for a blue shield power-up for temporary invincibility!

Do you want to earn more gems? The red magnets will help you do just that. Pick up all the power-ups that you can find to attract all the diamonds on the screen! This is a good tip if you want to upgrade your character and improve your stats.

Useful tips

The coolest feature of this game is the fact that you can improve your heroine and dragon continuously throughout the game. Invest your hard-earned gems in extra lives or a more potent attack for your dragon. You can even invest in better power-ups. 

Here is a helpful tip if you want to step up your game: invest your first gems in the upgrade that increases the value of the jewels. This is a good strategy that will help you earn more, faster! 

Are you ready to get off the ground and race among the clouds? Join the glamorous heroines of Ever After High for a breath-taking journey that will improve your agility and speed of reaction! Who said that adrenaline-filled adventures are just for boys?