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Enter the Shopaholic: London game for a new fashion adventure! Shop, style, and shine at exclusive parties to become the city's top trendsetter.

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About Shopaholic: London Game

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In the Shopaholic: London game, you'll step into the shoes of a fashion-forward character, ready to take on the bustling streets of London. Will she be bold, chic, or utterly glamorous? It's up to you! You're about to embark on a thrilling journey through the chic streets of London, where style is king, and your choices light up the fashion scene.

Here's the scoop: your goal is to become the talk of the town at every party. With your very own Lady Card, you've got a budget to stick to but also a whole city's worth of shops to explore for the perfect party outfits. Whether it's finding that jaw-dropping dress or the sparkliest accessories, you'll need to match the dress codes for invites to the most exclusive events. Ready to make a splash in London's fashion scene? Let's go shopping!

How to Play

Using your mouse or touchpad, click on items, explore different areas, and interact with the city's boutiques. It's that easy!

You'll start by choosing one of three girl characters to be your avatar in this stylish adventure. You can even give her a unique touch by customizing her name, age, and star sign. Once you're all set, you're ready to take on London's fashion scene.

You'll also receive your Lady Card, which is essentially your budget for each day. This budget is key because every party you're invited to has a specific dress code you need to match. Your challenge? To shop for the perfect outfits that meet these dress codes.

As you explore, you'll wander through boutiques and shops in famous areas like Camden, Knightsbridge, and Oxford Street. Here, you'll find everything from casual wear and formal gowns to shoes and fashionable jewelry. If you're not sure where to find items for a specific dress code, just use the magnifier icon or the mini-map at the bottom of your screen to find stores that have what you need.

After attending events, you'll earn stars based on how well your outfit matches the party theme. These stars are important because they help you level up and unlock even more exciting places to shop.

What else you should know

Need more money for shopping? You can earn extra by working shifts, like a 60-minute stint at Afternoon Tea for $600 or a quick 10-minute job at Royal Pet Stylist for $400. Remember, you can't shop while you're working, but it's all worth it for that extra cash.

If you're feeling lucky, try the Fashion Slot Machine or spin the Daily Wheel of Fashion Fortune. It's a chance to win big or just have fun seeing what fashion fate has in store for you.

Plus, you can have fun with photo sessions, choosing outfits and backgrounds to capture your fashion choices, which are saved in your personal in-game album.

So, are you ready to show London how it's done? Let the shopping spree begin!

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