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🛍️ 🏖️ Play the Shopaholic: Beach Models game for a sun-soaked fashion adventure! Explore boutiques and dress for beach parties like a real fashion star!

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Hey, little fashionistas! Are you ready for sun, sea, and super-duper clothes? Welcome to Shopaholic: Beach Models game, where you can go on a shopping spree while basking in the sun on a beach full of fun!

In this game, you get to be a stylish shopper! Your mission is to explore cute little stores by the beach, pick out fabulous clothes, and dress up for fancy parties! You'll even get to take fun photos of your outfits!

How to Play

All you need to play is your mouse or touchpad. You'll click on different things to explore and pick out the most awesome clothes and accessories!

First off, you get to pick your own special character! Choose a girl from three fun options, and you can even give her a name, age, and star sign. Isn't that cool? If you change your mind later, you can switch to another character.

In this game, you're a VIP! You'll get invites to the best parties on the island, and you'll meet other stylish girls there. To look your best, you'll get a special Lady Card with a daily budget for shopping!

Get ready to party!

Each party wants you to dress in a special way. So, you'll have to read your invitation carefully and find clothes that fit the party theme. Walk around the stores on the beach and click to buy dresses, shoes, and shiny jewelry!

But don't worry if you're not sure where to find what you need. There's a handy magnifying glass icon and a mini-map to help you find your way around the stores. Just click them, and you'll know exactly where to go!

The best part is you'll earn stars at each party based on how well your outfit matches the theme. Collecting stars helps you level up, and when you do, you'll unlock even more streets with more stores!

Hit the Streets for Fabulous Shopping!

Ready to explore the shopping paradise by the beach? Let's take a sneak peek at some of the oh-so-cool stores you can visit:

- Rosette: This store is a dream come true for dress lovers! You can find dresses and accessories that make you look like a princess.
- T-Shirt Shop: Want a t-shirt that screams "YOU"? Here, you can pick t-shirts and make them super special with different shapes, prints, and colors!
- Beach Basics: If you're headed to a beach party, this is your go-to spot! They have swimsuits and all kinds of beachy things like hats and flip-flops.
- Skin Candy: Time for some bling! Find the perfect makeup items, shiny jewelry, and other accessories that make you sparkle.
- Beachside Bride: Ever dreamed of a beach wedding? Here, you can shop for exotic bride dresses that make you look like a mermaid queen!
- Rainbow Surf: This is the store for sporty beach fun! Look for shorts, tops, and even surfboards and sunglasses to catch those waves!

With so many stores to explore, you'll be the ultimate beachside fashionista in no time!

What else you should know

Want to remember your fantastic outfits? You can have a photo session with your model! Pick from your collection of clothes and choose cool backgrounds. These photos will be saved in your own in-game album.

Oh, and if you ever run low on money, there's a fun way to earn more! Head over to the ice cream shop and start making yummy treats. You'll pick the right cup and add tasty ingredients to make ice creams and juices just the way people like them!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your shopping shoes, and let's show everyone your amazing style! You'll have a blast picking out clothes, going to parties, and becoming the beach's number-one fashion star! Let's go shopping!

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