Sugar Bug Blast

You can become a dentist in the Sugar Bug Blast game! Give Barbie a hand at her new stomatology clinic and treat all the patients before they get cavities!

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Have you always loved playing as a doctor? Then you should help Barbie in the Sugar Bug Blast game! She just opened a new clinic and is looking for dentists to hire.

You seem to be perfect for the job! The blonde will teach you everything you need to know before you welcome the very first patient, so there’s no need to worry about messing up.

We all know how bad sugar is for our teeth, so you must erase any trace of it for your patients! Your main goal is to blast the Sugar Bugs to clean someone’s mouth. Make Barbie proud and kill the bacteria before it turns to cavities!

Get to the root of the problem!

A dentist needs several tools to work around the mouth. They can vary from usual things, such as a toothbrush, to more scary-looking objects, like the polisher. While some may sound terrifying, they are all meant to make your teeth squeaky clean! 

In this game, your job is to wipe away every Sugar Bug you see. Your tools are divided into normal and special ones. The first type includes toothbrush, scrubber, and polisher. Each can destroy a certain kind of bacteria, so look for their colors and match the tool to the Bug! 

However, the special instruments will attack any category of Sugar Bugs. The Mouthwash makes them grow slower, the Sparkle Shield keeps the tooth clean forever, and the Waterjet cleans all teeth at once.

To tidy up a tooth, click on a tool using your mouse and hold it onto a Sugar Bug. You can use the standard utensils as often as you need, while the special ones can be utilized three times each. The bacteria grow bigger over time, and it can completely cover a tooth once it’s yellow! So, destroy them in less than three strikes to clear the level.

Go the easy way or the hard way!

You can choose between two game modes: Easy and Hard. Both of them have the same goal – to complete the stages before getting three strikes. Yet in the more difficult gameplay, there are more Sugar Bugs to destroy, and they grow faster.

The game ends whenever you let yellow bacteria destroy three teeth, so try to survive as much as you can! Your score will go higher with every Sugar Bug you clear, but the biggest ones bring the most points. 

Be the greatest doctor the dental industry has ever seen! And remember, sugar is damaging not only to your teeth but also your health, so be thoughtful when eating sweets. Brush your teeth every day to keep the dentist away!