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Play Barbie Dreamtopia: Adventure Games game and step into a world full of magic! Embark on a fantastic adventure with Barbie, Chelsea and her puppy!

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Explore a magical world in Barbie Dreamtopia: Adventure Games game. Over the seas and far away, there is a secret island hidden behind clouds of cotton candy. Are you brave enough to explore this mystical land and uncover its secrets? Embark on a fantastic tour of the whimsical realms of Dreamtopia together with Barbie, her little sister Chelsea and their cute tiny puppy Honey. 

Begin your adventure in the town of Sweetville and befriend its sweet citizens. You meet a hungry Strawberry Bear. It shows you that a lot of mouthwatering candies are flying over the city. The little one is sad because, even though it will love to eat some, it can't reach any of them. Use your mouse to catch and drag them down from the sky into the figure. Try to match as many shapes as possible before the time runs out. Hurray!  Now the bear is happily eating the sugary treats.

Discover more of the island's mini-games

You have received an invitation. The Elephant King is summoning you to his glittery kingdom in the Sparkle Mountain. Lakes of sapphires, trees of emerald, caves of cobalt, flowers of rubies and amethysts; everything is made out of gems and precious stones. The sceneries are so beautiful here that you can't leave without taking many photos.

But, when you look at them, you observe something weird. By comparing the two images, you notice that some details differ from one picture to another. Use your observation skills to find as many differences as possible. For your effort, you will receive gems. 

The delicious valleys and shimmering mountains are just a small part of Dreamtopia. There is still more to be discovered. Let's go and explore the enchanted Wispy Forest and learn more about the friendly creatures that live there. Hazel and Herberto, the hairstyling hedgehogs, and Locksley, the pink rabbit, will be your guides. They invite you to play a game with them in the sunlit meadow. Let's see how good your memory is.

We have a set of cards with pictures of the inhabitants of the forest. They are all turned upside down. Click on a card to flip it over and reveal the image. Each card has a pair. Memorize the cards and try to match as many as possible to earn points. How many matches can you make before the time runs out? Play again to try to beat your score.

Sail down the rainbow

It is so much fun to spend your time with friendly animals, but there are still so many places to visit. A gorgeous winged unicorn has come to take you and your friends to the colorful Amusement Park up above the clouds.

The place is crowded with fairies, mermaids, and other magical visitors. There are so many rides to choose from. Where should we start? The Grand Ferris Wheel? Or maybe one of the carousels? We have heard that the most popular one is the Rainbow Roller coaster. Do you feel brave enough to ride it? Yes? Great! Let's go!

Hop in the boat and start sliding down the rainbow river. On your way, don't forget to collect gems and stars for an extra boost. You will receive 3 hearts. Take care of them because if you run out of hearts, it is game over. Be careful not to fall from the rainbow and try to avoid the school of singing fish by pressing the Up-arrow key to jump over them. 

It was such a long day, full of adventures. Did you have fun together with Barbie and your friends? Then, come back again to play with your new friends in Dreamtopia!