Animal Shelter

Look after the cutest animals in the Animal Shelter game! Barbie seriously needs your help, and so do the foster pets; give them all the attention you can!

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About Animal Shelter Game

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Do you enjoy being surrounded by animals? Then the Animal Shelter game is perfect for you! Enjoy the calming background music and direct all your attention to the needy little pets. Barbie’s shelter is very crowded, and she needs help, so be kind and give her a hand!

The game will develop your patience, persistence, and motivation to find permanent shelter for your animal. Your main objective is to take care of the pet of choice until a foster owner is ready for it.

How to Play

Your pet will constantly need something. Show your empathy and find a solution for its hunger, energy, and mood. First, you need to choose who you’re going to look after. You can choose between a cat, a dog, or a rabbit. 

Give them the sweetest names you can think of! Or you can name him/her like your real pet if you have any. Now you are ready to begin!

There are no complicated controls required. Using your mouse, choose whatever necessity your little animal has. Thus, there are three options: playtime, mealtime, and resting time. Each one of these is represented by a meter, all of which are continually decreasing.

Try as much as you can to keep them in the green zone so that your task will finish faster. The process until the foster animal will find a place to call home is quite long. Do what you consider is best for all three bars. As one increases, though, at least another one will do the opposite.

If your pet takes a nap for a few minutes, you can take a break from your game. Don’t worry, your progress will be saved.

The final step before the animal leaves the shelter is picking his future owner. Who would be the best choice? The girl who needs a watchdog? The man who is a cat enthusiast? Or the vegetarian girl? Take the pet’s needs into consideration.

Work hard and devote yourself to the animals! They need your care and are deeply grateful for helping them find a place of their own.