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Ken, every girl's crush since 1906s! With the Ken Dress Up game, you have to upgrade his look to fit the new styles of the 21st century. Ken misses Barbie, but he needs to catch her eye instantly. Can you help him impress her with his clothes, music, and personality? Play alone or with your friends and don't forget to have fun!

How to play the game

You will have to pick items from different categories for Ken. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the choices. When you have made up your mind, make sure to put your pick in the middle of the screen, inside the Your Pick window. Once you are done with one of the chapters, click Next to go over to the following page. When you are done with everything, click the Done button to receive a surprise!

There are three categories to choose from, ranging from clothes and hair to music and dreams. Make Ken the boy of your dreams! You can play multiple times and create many styles. At the end of the game, you will be given the option to print your Ken looking rad in the clothes you picked, or you can receive your masterpiece on email, where you can share it with your friends!

Create your desired look!

As with every first impression, looks matter the most. So, choose from the list your favorite hair and style. What's trendy now? Is it surfer clothes and bleached hair? Or maybe you want to go for smarty looks with matching black hair! Mix and match until you're satisfied with the result.

Next, car and music! Pick one of the vehicles on the list. Which one do you think Barbie would enjoy going for a ride with Ken? For music, click on every option at hand to get a preview of the song, then select the one you like most. After all, what's a car ride without good music?

Last but not least, personality traits and dreams are what matters in the long run. What is one quality a person must have to fit your taste? Maybe it's brains, the ability to solve complicated problems and find an escape from any situation. Or perhaps it's their adventurous side, going on spontaneous road trips, hiking the highest mountains and so on. 

What about dreams? What would you like your Ken's dream job to be? Try every option until you're ready and watch your desired Ken come to life!

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