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Take part in the fantastic princess tales with Barbie Magic of Pegasus: 3D Games! A tragic event happened in the royal family, and they need your help!

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Explore the adventures of princess Annika in the Barbie Magic of Pegasus: 3D Games game! The character is played by none other than your favorite blonde, Barbie. Annika's parents have been turned to stone by the malicious wizard, and you have to prove your bravery to undo the tragedy.

Moreover, you are not alone! Your beloved magical friends will always be by your side - Brietta, the flying horse, Shiver, the cutest polar bear cub, and the great cloud Queen Rayla. Listen to their advice and follow your destiny!

Prepare for your greatest adventure!

Although the cause behind your journey is tragic, you will make a lot of friends and prove various qualities. This will take you through six daring challenges. Get revenge on the evil wizard Wenlock and find his wand to break the spell!

Fortunately, the controls you need to use are as easy as they can be! Only your mouse is necessary for you to move around and search through items.

The first quest you need to follow is given by the cloud Queen Rayla. You have to get on your magical Pegasus and fly up in the sky! The objective is to go through ten heart-shaped clouds. Move around using your mouse, enjoy the breathtaking view, and let's get started!

The following task takes you to a spooky place. Always be aware of your surroundings in the Forbidden Forest! Although Aiden is there to help, make sure you leave the area quickly. Will the two fall in love? Continue playing to find out! Letters await hidden in the dark for you to discover them. Find them all and fill the empty lines for a clue! If you experience any difficulties, you can use a hint or even skip the whole process.

The clue leads to another sky-high adventure! Brace yourself for the cold weather - a snowstorm is coming. Brietta needs you to hop on and collect ten snowflakes. Now that you already got used to this landscape, you know how to move around. Right?

Your challenge continues, but this time in another spectacular setting. The Jewel Cave holds the shiniest glitter gems, hidden in darkest corners. Using your mouse to look around, you should find the matching jewels and place them in the treasure chest.

Complete all the quests!

One last flying quest awaits for you! Cloud Princess Rose will guide you as she paints the sunset. Make sure you keep on the colorful trail and collect ten stars.

In the final task, you will ultimately face the evil wizard! His malicious words might scare you, but he won't dare to hurt you! Take your time to look around his palace and search for the magical wand. Now that you finally found it, you can bring Annika's parents back to normal!

Congratulations! You just saved the royal family. As a reward, we prepared a few printable surprises for you: a fantastic poster with your favorite characters and a maze to solve.

Live the princess's life and experience both good and bad adventures. And never forget - in tales, evil will always be defeated!