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Become the world's most famous stylist with Barbie: Superstar Makeovers game! Take care of your models and give them the best look you could think of!

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Create the coolest looks ever with the Superstar Makeovers game! Your model is none other than Barbie! You need to help her get ready for the following photo shoots and choose the style that fits her best. Experiment with all the colors you can come up with.

Make Barbie look stunning in the camera lights. You get to choose her skin color, hairstyle, headwear, lenses, eye make-up, lipstick, and accessories! Use these to create incredible combinations and make yourself known in the fashion world.

How to Play

You don’t need any complicated skills or controls, only your imagination is essential. Using your mouse, click on the desired item, and drag it onto the model. Make up all sorts of looks, from sporty, to cute and even glam!

To start off, you can choose your model’s skin tone. The colors are very inclusive, so you can even make her resemble yourself.

The next section is about hair, which offers a great variety of styles and colors. Their shades go for a more natural look, such as blonde, ginger, or black. Moreover, you can pick both short and long styles, with catchy names like a sassy bob or fave waves! Assort your choices with a cool fedora, cap, or even beanie.

The third step requires choosing Barbie’s eye make-up. Considering your previous options, go for some matching lenses! Once you do so, picking the eyeshadow and mascara will be easier. Just make sure the colors go together. And if you want to add a special touch to the look, go bold and apply some sparkles!

It’s so easy to switch from subtle to extravagant!

Thereby, the lip finish can be either matte or glossy. Depending on the style you want to create, choose your texture wisely. 

Next comes the last and the most complex part of them all: the accessories. This is the final chance to decide on how you want to end your makeover.

First, you have a variety of tops, such as turtlenecks and jean jackets, then a few pins to attach to them. The final piece to complete your look is a pair of sunglasses! They fit all fashion styles for sure, including yours.

And if you ever feel like things aren’t coming together, don’t sweat it! You can always go back and remove the odd or unnecessary objects.

Now that your hard work is finally over, it’s time to be rewarded. Write your stylist name to get all the credits and become famous. Pick two headlines that can stir people’s interest and have them published in your magazine. Once you are done, you can finally print yourself a copy! Or, if you wish to do so, email the cover to your friends.

Dare to be unique and show the fashion world just how creative you can get!