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It's fashion show time in Limo Jam game! Hop in the limo with Barbie and drive around the city to find the perfect outfit for tonight's event!

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It is time for the most glamorous event of the year in Limo Jam game. You and Barbie were also invited. She has to get there in time for the fashion show, but first, she needs your help to get ready.

First and foremost, a fabulous outfit is essential for such an important event. The place will be crowded with fashion designers and celebrities so Barbie’ s outfit should meet the expectations. Drive through the city streets and go to the boutique to look for the perfect dress. Once you have found it, go back to the limo and drive to the next stop.

Now Barbie has a fantastic looking outfit, but in order to complete her look, she needs to pay a visit to the hair salon to get a matching hairstyle.

It was a long and busy day. The sun has set and the night has fallen on the city. The grand event is rapidly approaching. You do not want to miss the show, so drive fast (but safely!) to reach the ceremony in time. 

How to Play

In Limo Jam game, you don’t need a driver’s license, you only need your keyboard. Use the arrow keys (UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT) to drive through the crowded streets of the city. On your way, you will have to collect GLAM (which gives you points). Just after you have gathered all the glam, you can reach your destination.

Besides glam, the streets are sprinkled with other items that give you bonuses if you collect them. To speed up your car, pick up the STAR. Do you need more time? The CLOCK will provide you with 5 extra seconds. If you see the ‘letter B symbol’ pick it up to receive +1000 points. The city is full of dangers and obstacles, the PINK BUBBLE will act as a shield and protect you.

Keep a safe distance between you and the other cars and avoid the water puddles because they will slow your limo down. Most important, be careful not to drive over the pothole, it will throw you back to the starting point.

What else you should know

The last thing for you to keep in mind is that it is a race against time. Keep an eye on the road and another on the countdown timer. You don’t want the time to run out and to miss the fashion show. There are 3 levels. If the time expires before you reach your destination, you will have to retry the current level. Only when you make it on time, you will be allowed to move on the next one.

Three fabulous prizes await you at the end if you manage to be there on time. On your way, you have collected some points. Now you can use them to unlock 3 printable photos that Barbie took at the fashion show. You can choose to print whichever you want: one of the two coloring pages or the one with the T-shirt design, which you can use to create your very own fantastic T-shirt. Or, why to choose only one when you can redeem all three of them by using the points you have collected?

You didn’t manage to gather enough points? No worries! You can play again and collect more points and unlock ‘em all!