Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures

It's yet another busy day for Barbie in the Dreamhouse Adventures game. Help her finish the schedule and divide her time to all of her friends and family!

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Barbie is known for always helping her friends out, but today she promised a little bit more than she can take. Her parents, Chelsea, Nikki, and Renee, are all counting on her. Give her a hand in the Dreamhouse Adventures game so she can end the day successfully!

Today you have to play sports, hide and seek, act as a nanny, and be a good friend! Barbie has a lot of events planned, so she needs all the energy she can get. Her friends will get mad if you ignore them and ruin the day! 

Keep all your promises!

Since the Badminton competition Barbie is rooting for, Renee decided to help her train. Although she plays very well, she still needs to perfect her swing for a guaranteed win. Now go in the backyard and start practicing! To control your character, use the Left and Right arrow keys. This will make her move under the birdie and return it once it’s close enough.

Nikki is also preparing for a contest. But this time, it’s for horseback running, and she needs to borrow Barbie’s horse, Tawny! You must jump over as many obstacles as you can. The horse is ready to go, but how about you? You totally got this! When you have to avoid an object, left-click and watch Nikki fly high. 

The most important promise was made to her parents. Barbie agreed to babysit her little sister until they get back home. To make it even worse, today they were supposed to bathe Honey, their dog, but he seems in the mood to play. The puppy keeps running and hiding around the house, so help Chelsea find him! All you have to do is click on him once you see his ears or tail sticking out until the timer runs out.

To complete the game, you need to score all three stars in each stage. Don’t worry! If you make a mistake and fail the level, you can always go back and try again for better results.

Make Barbie’s day less stressful by completing all the tasks in time! And never forget: staying organized is always the key to success.