Diamond Castle Rocks

Unleash your inner rockstar with Barbie: Diamond Castle Rocks game! Put on your coolest clothes, take your guitar, and amaze the crowd with your songs!

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Have you always dreamed of being a famous singer? Perform your own spectacular concert and amaze your crowd in Barbie: Diamond Castle Rocks game! Get your leather jacket on and prepare to rock the world!

Play the coolest songs using the guitar fretboard and cords shown on the screen. Bang your head to the catchy tunes with extraordinary vocals and meaningful lyrics! 

Choose your style!

There are a few steps you have to go through before your stunning performance. To begin with, you must choose the type of game you want to play. There is the Quick game, in which you practice with only one song at a time. And the other mode is Full game, which makes you play all three songs successively. This is the only way you can unlock the bonus guitar!

The second step consists of choosing the difficulty level. You can pick from Easy, Medium, and Hard.

The third stage represents choosing the song you want to perform if you picked the Full game option. All three songs have amazing rhythms and descriptive titles: ‘’Connected’’, ‘’Two Voices One Song’’ and ‘’We’re Gonna Find It’’.

The final step before your amazing show is to pick your instrument! Three guitars await for your decision; a classic, wooden one, a flashy pink, electric one and the bonus guitar for the big rockstar within you.

Learn how to rock!

The only controller you need is your mouse. Moving it from left to right, scoop up the upcoming musical notes. Your main goal is to finish the song you are playing, but there are a few other things to consider.

You should earn diamonds by catching the notes so you can pass all of the five checkpoints for each song. You have three chances to finish your task. And if things seem too complicated for you, there is always the pause button to help!

Useful tips

We suggest you begin with the Quick game, Easy mode. This will allow you to practice with your favorite tune and get used to everything. But if you feel bold enough, nobody can stop you from going straight to the hard level!

To increase your bonus points, make sure you don’t miss a beat! Catching a lot of notes in a row is a guarantee for extra points.

There is also a prize you can win: a printable pattern you can personalize your T-shirt with!

Dive into your rockstar fantasy, grab your guitar, and go rock the world!

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