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Test your ingenuity and interior design skills with Barbie: Dreamhouse Designer game! Decorate the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and terrace!

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Try the Barbie: Dreamhouse Designer game if you are an avid fan of Candy Crush, who also loves interior design! You must have heard about the new Barbie series, where the world's most famous doll becomes a designer. It's such a creative and fun job! You can join our favorite blonde heroine for a thrilling home makeover. You'll have to earn every piece of furniture with your intelligence!

There are five rooms in your client's new mansion: the living room, the kitchen, the terrace, the bedroom, and the bathroom. It's your job to earn every piece of furniture by winning challenges in the minigame.

If you have ever played the famous match-three game called Candy Crush, you'll know the rules. Match jews by switching their position and accomplish the goals! Every piece of furniture you earn can be customized according to your preference. Pick out the items that complete the room!

How to Play

Luckily, playing this game is much easier than moving around heavy furniture and visiting interior design stores. All you need to do is use your mouse to pick out one of the six designs available for each piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you'll need to win enough points in the minigame first!

Take a close look at all the gems! There are five types: pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow. Create groups of three or more jewels of the same type to clear them off the screen!

You need to gather as many items from a category as the number in the lower right corner. Do it without running out of moves to win a part of a room's design! Remember that matching four or more gems of the same type will get you a bomb. Use it to clear the board even faster!

All the rooms have to get a new wallpaper and a matching floor. Which of the six available designs appeals to you most? Some of them feature bold patterns or colors, while others have a classic feel. Create the mood you want in the room!

There's more you should know!

Next, you have to pick out specific furniture for each room. For instance, you will need a library and a table in the living room. Don't forget about a desk in the bedroom, and a sink in the bathroom!

It's time for the final touches! After buying the bare necessities, you need to think about the little details that make a room homey. Decorations are not always necessary, but they add personality and atmosphere to different areas of the house. Therefore, don't be afraid to add colorful curtains in the living room or a few plants on the terrace. Wow, everything looks great!

Become a more intelligent gamer and a talented interior designer with Barbie's help! After beautifying her mansion, you'll understand that all the elements and rooms in a house need to harmonize. Use a keen artistic eye and create a masterpiece!