Ready, Set, Check-Up!

In the Ready, Set, Check-Up game, Barbie's clinic has a long queue of patients to treat. Help her to cure them all and finally call it a day!

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About Ready, Set, Check-Up! Game

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Today, Barbie’s clinic is very crowded. It may be thanks to the cold weather outside, or from the allergies, but that’s not what matters. Patients keep coming one after another in the Ready, Set, Check-Up game, and the doctor needs your help. Now you can become the greatest nurse Barbie has ever had!

As you can already tell, your job is to take care of the patients and examine their health. Use your medical tools wisely! To complete the game, finish the minigames for each person before the time runs out.

You know what they say: an apple a day keeps the doctor away! But your patients seem to have forgotten about their fruit. Every child has their unique chart with three things you should examine from Growth, Pressure Pump, Healthy Treats, Bandage Match, and Heartbeat.

How to Play

Before starting your job, you can pick a difficulty level: easy or hard. Once you click on one of the game icons, the timer at the top of the screen will start to run. You can play them in any random order as long as you finish them all in time. 

Most of the games will develop your reaction speed, so pay attention to your task before acting. For example, the Pressure Pump stage requires you to click very fast, but cautiously, so it stops in the target range. Another exciting game is Healthy Treats. Your objective is to catch similar treats and heart bonuses in a glass. 

You can let the children rest on the chair for a while, but don’t forget about the timer! Luckily, it stops when you read the instructions, and after each game, so you don’t have to rush considerably. In the Hard mode, though, you must complete more tasks in a shorter time limit.

Help Barbie treat as many children as you can and make sure they have the best experience at your clinic!