You Can Be Anything: Matching

Play the Barbie You Can Be Anything: Matching game and find the corresponding images! Flip the cards, remember their position, and uncover all the pairs!

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About You Can Be Anything: Matching Game

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If you're a big fan of Barbie, you know that she has tried all kinds of jobs! Now, it's time to remember all of her adventures in the Barbie You Can Be Anything: Matching game. The girl has prepared a set of cards, and she wants to put your memory to the test. Can you remember every detail and solve this unique challenge?

For today's mission, you have to flip the cards so that the images are revealed. Two by two, you must find pairs of pictures until all of them have been matched. However, you must be very attentive and remember the position of each card. Are you ready to discover all the hidden images?

How to Play

It's time to uncover some pictures! Luckily, the controls are very straightforward, and you only need to use your mouse. Click on the cards to flip them, and you will see what is hidden on the other side. After this, you just have to remember where each image is!

You start off by picking a difficulty level between the three options: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The higher you go, the more cards will appear on the screen, from six to sixteen. However, it's best to begin with the Easy mode so you can get used to the game dynamic. After that, you can increase the difficulty to suit your abilities. 

Have you made your choice? If so, it's time to begin the challenge! Flip the cards two by two, then remember where they are located until you start matching. Once you have found all the pairs, it's time to celebrate by popping some colorful balloons! 

Don't worry if you have some trouble at first! There is no time limit, so you don't have to rush. Your memory will get better with practice, so just keep playing and watch your skills improve. Luckily, you can replay each level as many times as needed, so you will soon have no difficulty making pairs!

Are you ready to give Barbie's challenge a try? Join your friend and put your memory to the test by uncovering the hidden pictures!