Band in a Jam

*NSYNC needs your help to get to their concert in the Band in a Jam game! Can you spot the band members among fans and get the show started?

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About Band in a Jam Game

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Uh-oh! While on their way to light up the town with their amazing music, NSYNC's bus decided to take a break and broke down! Now, with a concert scheduled and fans eagerly waiting, it's up to Barbie to save the day in the Band in a Jam game. Dive into a musical whirlwind where Barbie teams up with NSYNC for a rhythmic rescue mission.

It's your task to help Barbie spot the NSYNC members among their vast sea of fans and guide them safely onto their bus. They need to reach the concert on time, and only your keen eye and quick reflexes can make that happen!

How to Play

Using your mouse, look for the NSYNC members' familiar faces. Once you spot them, simply click on them and drag them over to the bus. It's all about matching each face with the empty silhouette shape on the bus!

As you play, the left side of the game screen will come alive with faces tumbling down from above. Not everyone is an NSYNC member, so stay sharp! With every level you conquer, the challenge escalates. The faces will rain down faster and faster, making your task trickier.

There are 3 levels to tackle, with each promising more excitement than the last. How fast can you clear all of them?

Stay sharp and focused, especially as the tiles pick up speed in the advanced levels. The quicker you identify the NSYNC members, the smoother your gameplay will be.

Dive into this musical escapade and ensure NSYNC rocks the stage on time! Ready to assist Barbie and save the concert? Let's go!