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Create your own music with Barbie: Let’s Make Music game! Make use of the piano keys and compose great songs, then share them with your friends!

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Is listening to music one of your hobbies? Have you always wondered how songwriters produce their songs? Then play the Let’s Make Music game to find out! You have your music studio and all the freedom in the world to combine various sounds together.

If you want to pursue a musical career, this will definitely help you! You can see how good you could be in the industry while also having fun. Let’s get ready to roll!

Become an artist in no time!

The game consists of two sections: make a song and play-along. Use the rainbow-colored piano keys below to create sounds. You can press them with your mouse, or with the corresponding keyboard numbers.

At first, the instructions may seem too complicated, but you shouldn’t give up just now. Everything is quite easy, and you will learn the commands as soon as you start playing.

The first part gives you the opportunity to be creative! There are three background beats to choose from. Depending on the type of song you wish to make, you can either pick a slower or a more upbeat tune. Now that you are ready, it is finally time to begin your recording! Although you are free to experiment, there is a limit of 50 notes to play.

Once you finish your piece, give it a listen! And if you are not satisfied, you can keep practicing until your melody turns out fantastic.

Play along to your favorite songs!

Now that you finished your creative process, you can go back to the tunes you already know. Three levels await for you, each offering two songs you should recognize right away! Level 1 is the easiest of them all, with ‘’Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’’ and ‘’My Country ‘tis of Thee’’. Press the piano keys to match the notes on the screen and follow the famous lyrics.

The second level is slightly more difficult. You have an increased number of notes to hit, which will appear gradually. Choose a song to play between the catchy ‘’London Bridge’’ and ‘’Alouette” and do your best.

Take your sweet time! There is no chronometer to be worried about in the first two levels. In the third one, though, things get a little complicated. To begin with, pick one of the unforgettable songs from your childhood: ‘’I’ve Been Working on the Railroad’’ and ‘’Mary Had a Little Lamb’’. 

Everything is the same so far, but this level is actually the hardest. Even more notes will keep coming, so you have to be fast and catch them all. It may seem impossible at first, but as long as you try your best, you will succeed in the end!

After you’ve finished playing each song, you can share your performance with your friends. You just have to type in their e-mail address, and then your first name, so they know who it’s from.

Press the piano keys to play along with your favorite songs, or dare to be creative and produce your own tunes!