Rock 'n Harmony

Join Princess Tori and Popstar Keira in the Rock ’n Harmony game! Drag the items on stage, create a unique song, and share it with your friends!

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About Rock 'n Harmony Game

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The sound of music is enchanting in the Rock ’n Harmony game! Enter the world of melody and compose the best tunes!

Choose between a princess and a pop-star item, and start creating the most beautiful melody of all! Two different characters complete the band! On the right side, you have the beautiful Princess Tori, and on the left side of the screen, you have the talented Popo-star Keira. Their different sounds complete your melody, helping you create the most particular tunes!

Musical instruments appear on both sides of the screen! For every character, there is a meter that fills up with sounds! The meters indicate how many musical items you should place on the mixing board.

How to Play

To create the perfect sounds, you need to drag the instruments onto the main stage! The Sound Effects Key shows where to place the items so that you produce unique sounds! Place it on top of the stage, and the sounds get louder! Put it at the bottom of the stage, and the instrument gets quieter!

You can also make the music more complex! Position the rhythmic item on the Left part of the stage and make it sound simpler! Put it on the Right of the screen and make the sound more sophisticated. Add as many items as possible to create your song!

At the bottom of the screen, you have two buttons! Press Clear to start again and Surprise Me for a random song! Click on Done when you have finished your creation! Copy the link and share your song with your friends!

Are you prepared to orchestrate an extraordinary show? Join Tori and Keira in this great musical adventure, and be the best composer!