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Put your dancing abilities to the test with Dance with Barbie game! Follow along with Barbie's moves to receive an awesome surprise at the end!

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Have you ever wanted to learn some dance moves from Barbie herself? Well, now you can while playing Dance with Barbie game! Three levels of gameplay, three music genres, endless fun! All you have to do is copy Barbie's moves to win an awesome prize that you can print out at the end.

This is the perfect game to test both your dancing skills, as you can follow along with Barbie, and your memory, as you have to memorize her dance. Ready to jump and groove? 

Get dancing!

To start off, fill in your name so Barbie can address you correctly. Now, onto the tunes! What's your favorite type of music? Sassy Pop, Cool Funk or Hot Hip-Hop? Move your cursor on the boxes to get a preview of the songs.

After you pick your favorite track that you want to dance to, it's time to choose a place where you want to showcase your moves! If you're going to feel like a star, go with the Concert Stage! On the contrary, if you want a quiet, chill setting, select the Pretty Party! If you're stuck somewhere in between, just roll with the Trendy Club, and you can get the best of both worlds!

There are three levels, the first one being the easiest, and the third one the hardest. Don't worry if you mess up, you can always try again or play some practice rounds beforehand! 

Tips & Tricks

When it comes to the difficulty level, we suggest you start with the easiest, and then move onto the harder ones. So, begin with the first level just to warm up and, when you feel ready, jump to the other ones! No rush, take it slow and move at your own pace!

If you don't like the music or the place you've picked, play again as many times as you want until you get the desired result! Whenever you complete a level successfully, and you copy all of Barbie's moves correctly, you get a photo of Barbie dancing that you can print out to keep!

Have fun!