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Pay attention and act quickly with Jumpin' Fun game! Do your best not to let Barbie trip, and you will be able to claim the fantastic rewards!

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About Jumpin' Fun Game

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Do you enjoy sports or just sport-themed games? Then help Barbie stay fit in the Jumpin' Fun game! You have two ways to jump and play: Rope Jumping and Skipping Fun, both with addictive upbeat background music!

If you can pay attention and act quickly, then your success is guaranteed. Just keep your eyes on Barbie and make sure she doesn’t trip. Are you ready to get moving?

How to Play

To begin with, you have to choose your mode: Jumping Fun or Skipping Fun. Barbie is already dressed in her simple T-shirt, grey leggings and trendy pink trainers, so all there is left to do is jump!

Get used to the controls and start looking for the collectibles. It is the only way to make points. Make sure to collect as many stars, sunglasses, pink balloons, ice-creams and yellow heart-shaped candy as possible, but never forget about your jumping task! Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move around, and the space-bar to go high up in the air.

There are three tries available and a timer for each round, but don’t get disappointed if you don’t nail it from the first try! Keep trying, and you will rock it!

Useful Tips

If you feel like all your efforts are in vain, it’s quite the opposite! You can win various designs to print out and enjoy for yourself. At 200 points you get a printable sheet, at 400 points, a coloring sheet, and at 600 points you can have the colorful dancer stickers!

Because the game requires fast-acting, we suggest you try focusing only on jumping at first. Take your time! Practice as much as you want, and when you are ready, start moving left to right as well.

Don't get too pressured about your results. Just have fun and enjoy your playthrough!