Super Wedding Stylist

Barbie is getting married, and she needs your help in the Super Wedding Stylist game. Design the most beautiful ring, dress, and cake to make her happy!

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful events in someone's life, especially for the bride. She gets to wear her dream dress and be in the center of attention for a whole day. This moment has finally come for Barbie, and she wants you to set all the details for her in the Super Wedding Stylist game! Think of the most beautiful designs and turn them into reality for the prettiest blonde.

Almost everything is already set: the location, decorations, guests, and catering, but the most important part is now your job! You have to get Barbie ready and style her dress, cake, and ring. She needs to look stunning for her groom, so make sure you choose the best items!

Are you ready to tie the knot?

Everybody knows that a wedding can't take place without a ring to put on the couple's finger. Barbie loves diamonds, so don't forget to add one to her jewelry piece! You can choose from a variety of shapes, such as round or teardrop. The setting of the ring needs to be comfortable, so it's best you pick a simple one.

The size of the stone is also essential for the final result. The one-carat size is the smallest, while the four-carat is the flashiest one. Everyone will know just how expensive it was! The stone can be colored as you wish, from a calm baby blue to the brightest pink. It won't matter the shade, as long as you match it with the ring itself.

A lot of people usually come to weddings for food, so the cake plays a significant role in the event. You can keep it simple, with a round or square shape and only one tier, or you can go all out with intricate designs, crazy colors, and multiple layers! Feel free to pick edible butterflies, ribbons, or even jewelry to place on top.

Here comes the bride!

Since Barbie is the main character of the wedding, she must look flawless. Of course, her dress will keep the traditional white color, but you can change the style and details. The skirts and bodices vary in length and volume, with various textures and materials. If you want some extra color, you can always add some rhinestones or bows. And don't forget the veil for a complete bridal look!

Once you feel like everything is perfect and ready to be seen, check out the bride's book. There, you will see every single detail you picked and an awesome shot of Barbie at her reception! You can print the book and keep it as a beautiful memory. And who knows, maybe you will follow the same look when your day comes!

Organize Barbie's wedding as if it were yours and create her engagement ring, build her cake, and design her dress to your taste!