Little Critter Clinic

Become a vet and take care of your favorite animals in Barbie: Little Critter Clinic game! Put on your white coat and get ready to treat your patients!

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Have you always loved caring for your pets? Then Barbie: Little Critter Clinic game is perfect for you! Give each patient what it needs and make sure to keep them always happy and healthy. Let the upbeat music inspire you and give you the necessary energy to take care of everyone!

Administer the right treatment for every little animal. All of its necessities are displayed around the room: grooming, medication, bandages, food, and toys. At the beginning of each level, you are offered today’s patients list. This list consists of various pets, ranging from the cutest cats and rabbits to the most interesting fish!

Get your work clothes on and let’s start the treatment! 

The game instructions are quite straightforward. There is a total of twelve cages, from which the animals will keep coming and going. Using your mouse, click on the treatment you need to use and drag it to the patient in need. You have only three chances to make your little animals happy.

Be quick with your actions! Every pet has a happiness meter, which is slowly going down every other few seconds. The point of the game is to earn Happiness Points. You grow in level whenever you get a checkout sheet. This shows how many points you accumulated and how many animals you managed to treat.

As you advance through the levels, the difficulty will also rise. At first, there are few patients to be treated, then the number will increase considerably. Exercise your reaction speed and take care of each and every pet!

After every vet visit is over, all of the cages will close, and you can call it a day!

Useful tips

To get extra points, administer the proper treatment as soon as you can. Don’t let the animals hanging for too long, or else you will lose them.

But be careful! If you give the wrong treatment, you lose a percentage from the happiness meter.

Treat as many cheerful patients as you can! Work hard, and you are going to achieve the highest level!