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Help Barbie prepare for her matinal news show in the Good Morning Barbie game! You can style her look, choose her stories, and even work with the cameras!

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If you’ve ever wondered what do news reporters do, well, it’s a complicated process. In the Good Morning Barbie game, you can see they do a lot of things besides reading from a screen. It takes a whole team to make everything perfect, and you seem to have the skills to help! See what happens in the backstage before every matinal news show.

You can be the best announcer out there! The appearance is quite important for a newscaster, so you should arrange everything in your favor. Consider wardrobe, accessories, makeup, and cameras before going live. And don’t forget about the stories! People all over the world are relying on your words.

Hurry! You’re going live soon!

As you already know, news anchors should be flawless in front of the cameras. Thus, Barbie needs an appropriate outfit, hairstyle, and makeup. Study the wardrobe and choose the right clothes for her in studios A and B! You have 10 seconds to study the ideal look, then 30 seconds to recreate it! Using your mouse, click on the items, and you’ll see them appear on the blonde. No dark circles or ruffled hair are allowed!

You can use a hint once you forgot where a specific accessory goes. This shows you the model once again for 5 seconds, but be careful! The tip doesn’t stop the 30 seconds timer. Above each item, you can see a green check once you got it right. Try to finish early for extra points!

The most important part of the news is the information the public is receiving. You should find six stories to cover and add them to the newscast in under one minute. Keep it diverse! People want to hear about recent events, weather, and other significant data.

Lights, camera, action!

Barbie needs to show off her best angles! That’s why you should adjust the cameras and show the perfect image of a beloved news reporter. Get the perfect shot for the three segments by rearranging the direction and zoom of the camcorder!

If you happen to mess things up, you can try again from where you left off. And whether you are satisfied with your final score or not, you can always go back and play again!

Barbie needs your help to get ready for the cameras, so choose her wardrobe, apply her make up, and show her best angle! The whole nation is watching, so she’d better look perfect before the morning news show goes live.