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Learn more about Barbie's famous movie in The Princess and the Pauper: Storybook Adventures game! Fill in the blanks to complete the interactive storybook!

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Wouldn't it be cool to read a book about one of Barbie's famous movies? Well, you're lucky because you just found one in The Princess and the Pauper: Storybook Adventures game! Here Barbie plays the role of Anneliese, and you will learn about her story. However, some parts are missing from the narrative. Can you join the princess and complete the tale?

As you read along, you will see some spots that, instead of words, have shadows of objects. Try to fill in those blanks with the correct items and complete the story. If you do a great job, you will learn all about Anneliese's struggles and her long-lost twin sister, Erika.

How to Play

Your job is to unravel the full story of Anneliese. To fill in the blanks, you only need to use your mouse. Look closely at the shape of the shadow, then see your options in the objects list. When you have chosen an item, hit your Left Click to select it and drag it in place. Don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always try again until you get it right!

The more you advance through the story, you will even learn about Anneliese's struggles with love. For example, she married King Dominick to save her kingdom instead of her true love, Julian. Also, once you complete a page, a beautiful song will start playing, complementing the story you just read. However, don't forget that you have many pages to fill with items. So, enjoy the melody, then quickly get back to work!

After you fill in every page and learn about Barbie's story, you can have a prize. For example, you can take a sneak peek at The Princess and the Pauper movie. Also, you can access loads of printable coloring pages of Barbie and her friends. However, you will not have all of them from the start. So, try to replay the story several times to unlock them all!

Are you ready to learn more about Barbie's movie in an interactive storybook? She is sure excited to meet you. So, let's hurry and get the fun started!