Race Car Cutie

Join Barbie in the Race Car Cutie game and become the world's most famous racer. Drive her fabulous car at the speed of light to finish first!

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When you live a day in the life of Barbie, you can always find something new to try out. She is famous for her lovely personality and her blonde hair. But who would have thought she is a huge fan of racing! Join her on a thrilling journey around the world by playing the Race Car Cutie game.

Your goal is to finish the relay safely, though there are some things to spice up your race. For a smoother driving experience, watch out for any possible obstacles and avoid bumping into them. Barbie knows you will be of great help, so get in and prepare to run at the speed of light!

Always put on your seatbelt first!

Before every race, you can style your car however you like. There is a wide variety of decorations, such as colors, accessories, and upgrades. When it comes to colors, you have a lot to choose from, including matte and metallic finishes and combinations. The accessories section lets you customize your windshield and wheels, giving your car a cooler appearance.

The upgrades are a different story, as they not only change your car but your racing experience as well! These are the most expensive decorations you can get from the garage. The Super Bumper makes you immune to the orange cones, the Gem Magnet attracts the precious stones, and the Gem-Dazzler turns cones and other cars into gems!

Although the upgrades may seem like the best combination together, you can use only one at a time. Every accessory can be bought with shiny diamonds, which you collect during your race. Usually, their value might be anywhere between 1 and 10 points, but pink ones appear after gathering four consecutive gems. These are worth 50 points, so make sure you catch them all!

Be careful at the other drivers!

Because it’s a race, you won’t be alone on the circuit. Others will try to get to the finish as well, so try not to bump in them. Other obstacles include oil puddles and cones. All of them will not only slow you down but also make you lose diamonds.

Three grand cities await for you to try their famous racetracks. London, New York, and Paris are the destinations you can choose from, where people are ready to compete with you. Try them all and see which one you liked best!

Speaking of racing, are you ready to drive? All you need is your mouse to guide the car through the lanes. Consider your surroundings and the delimitations before outrunning a vehicle. It might be dangerous! And we advise you to keep the cursor as close as possible to the car for a more comfortable experience.

Barbie needs all the help she can get from you, so make the right decisions! Collect all the gems, stay away from the obstacles, and never forget to tune your car so everyone knows who it belongs to!