Great Cake Race

Race against the time with Barbie Dream House: Great Cake Race game! Help Barbie finish all of the relays and gather as many points and bonuses!

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About Great Cake Race Game

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Get your sports outfit on and get ready for a run in Barbie Dream House: Great Cake Race game! The main objective of the game is to finish all the competitions. Try to collect as many points and bonuses as possible!

The character you are going to play with is none other than Barbie herself! With her piercing eyes and dynamic jumpsuit, she is ready to run as fast as light. Let the upbeat background music pump into your ears and get ready for the great race!

How to Play

To begin with, you can follow the tutorial version of the game. Get used to the pace and map first so you can excel in the real thing!

You can obtain points mainly by collecting cupcakes. This is the easiest way to boost your score! Using your mouse, click to jump according to the map and double click so you can wall jump and change directions.

The game is sectioned in five levels. All of them share the same kind of map, but the difficulty rises from one to another. To unlock a certain level, you have to play and complete all of the previous ones.

After each level, the points you earned will materialize into a cake. The higher your score is, the bigger your cake will be! The stage is completed when Barbie arrives at the finish point. Don’t give up in the last few meters!

Once you have fulfilled all five levels, you can see the top scores and compare your results to other players’! You can also type in your name to be featured in the leaderboard, or play again to earn even more points.

Useful tips

Even though the primary source of points is the cupcakes, you can also earn bonuses! While doing your race, search the map for cake ingredients: an egg dozen, sugar, milk, flour, and butter. With these, your score can double or even multiply by five times! 

Time is money! Thus, scoring as few minutes as possible will bring more points as well.

Watch out for the obstacles! If you see pie-throwing canons or rotating lollipops, keep away from them. Both are going to slow you down.

Help Barbie finish all five levels, and don’t forget to pick as many collectibles as possible!