Barbie: Cake Factory

Build an impressive dessert with the Barbie: Cake Factory game! How many delicious and colorful layers can you overlap before the construction falls?

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Any fan of tower building must try the Barbie: Cake Factory game! Any fan of the genre knows how addictive and fun they are. However, on top of the usual features, you'll also enjoy the charm of the Barbie Universe. The bright colors and lovely atmosphere will surely make you smile! You'll surely unwind while helping the world's most famous doll in the world. Put on an apron and come inside Barbie's bakery!

Did you know that it's our heroine's birthday? She wants to build an impressively tall cake to serve to all of her friends.  Help her build an enormous tower by layering one cake over the other for as long as you can! It will be such a beautiful creation. Let's start baking!

How to Play

You don't need to be a talented chef to help Barbie out. What is more, you don't need to know anything about baking! However, you will need to have a very keen eye and good timing. There is a crane at the top of the screen that moves from left to right automatically. Your job is to drop the cake from the crane at the exact right moment to create a tower.

Make sure your construction is reasonably vertical! If the pieces of cake are not directly on top of one another, it will crumble and force you to restart the game. Therefore, try to last as much as you can and build a solid construction.

However, you can use some special tools to improve your score and construct a beautiful and massive cake! Can you see the pink balloons? Build over them to pick up helping features.

There are three power-ups at your disposal in three different colors: red, green, and lavender. One of them will stabilize the last layer, allowing you to build an even taller creation. The second bonus will increase the size of one level, allowing you to stabilize your foundation. Finally, the cake machine will take over your game and add four perfect levels on top of the cake. Wow!

When you can no longer keep up with the pace and your desert falls, you can see how well you did. Each layer you have managed to put on the cake adds three extra meters to your cake. Besides, depending on how solid your construction is, you'll receive points. Keep practicing with Barbie and build the best birthday cake you have ever seen!