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Play the Barbie Princess Power: Comic Maker game to create your own bright pink superhero adventure! Now you can become a graphic novel artist!

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Any fan of graphic novels will love to play the Barbie Princess Power: Comic Maker game! Who said comic books are just for boys? Who said that glamorous girls can't be superheroes? Any brave person with an exciting story can be the hero of a comic book! Unleash your inner artist and become the next Stan Lee! 

The best part about this game is the fact that you get to see your favorite blonde in a unique role, that of a powerful superhero. Who knew that Barbie could chase supervillains just as easily as she puts together a perfect outfit? Get ready to be amazed!

Design your superhero!

The first step of the game is to decide whether you want to create a story from scratch or get inspired by Barbie's mission. If you are going through a little writer's block, click on the video and watch the story. Isn't that such a cool story? Now you can get started with illustrating it!

What does the most glamorous superhero look like? You are the one that gets to decide! Click on the Avatar tab from the menu on the left to start creating a powerful, yet fabulous Barbie hero. 

Can you believe that everything is customizable? The hair, the costume, boots, accessories, and even the eye color are customizable. Would you like to go for an adorable pink butterfly look or something more menacing?

What is more, you can place Barbie in many awesome and dynamic poses! Isn't that cool?

Create a thrilling adventure!

Now, let's get on with the most fun part! You can pick out the layout of your comic book page in the beginning. Choose a page with multiple panels or something very simple, depending on the story you are planning to illustrate. 

Where will your story take place? Choose one of the interesting backgrounds, then drag it to one of the panels. From a snowy hill to Barbie's bedroom, or even outer space, you have so many cool options!

Next, it's time for some action! Scroll through the menu marked with a lightning bolt to add characters and objects to your scene. All you need to do is click on one of the panels, then drag your desired element to the perfect position. Also, you can adjust the size of any object, and even tilt it! 

We're almost done! Just a few final touches can help bring your comic book page to the next level! Add some of the iconic dialogue bubbles, as well as a few special effects. Once you think you're done, click on the blue preview button to see the bigger picture and make some final adjustments.

Congratulations! You have created your first Barbie comic book page! Aren't you excited to share it with your friends? Here's a cool idea: work together to create an entire comic book, from start to finish! Wouldn't it be cool to work on a graphic novel together?