Pearl Princess Puzzle Party

Join Barbie and her friends in the Pearl Princess Puzzle Party game to discover many funny memes. Quickly solve every puzzle and see how mermaids have fun!

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About Pearl Princess Puzzle Party Game

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Would you like to see many memes about the characters of Barbie: The Pearl Princess movie? Look no further because the Pearl Princess Puzzle Party game has loads of funny images to share. However, there is a catch! First, you should put your mind to work and solve some puzzles.

Here Barbie stars in the role of Lumina, a magical mermaid dreaming of becoming a princess. Your goal is to correctly place all pieces to reveal the images of her and her many friends. Once you solve some, you will see a funny picture of the gang. Do you think you can discover all of them?

How to Play

The first step to solving a puzzle is to carefully look at the missing pieces and the ones you have available. Once you identify their place, use your mouse to snap them in!

However, it might not be this simple. There are two difficulties in this game. In the easiest one, you will only have to figure out what piece goes where. But if you try the harder one, there might be some moving pieces or even some extra to confuse you.

Now let's get into the memes. To see one, you have to complete five puzzles first. Don't worry, though! The images you will discover are also very entertaining. For example, you can meet some of Barbie's friends, like Prince Delphin or a cute sea horse named Kuda. So you can bet you will not get bored here. Once you discover a meme, you can give it another go to see more fun images!

What else you should know

There are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, with every puzzle piece you snap into place, you will get some points for your score. However, there is also a timer for all five images you should complete. Always keep an eye out for it because you will get some bonus points to add to your total if you can beat it. So, as you can see, it's best to hurry!

Are you ready to solve all the puzzles and see the funny memes of Barbie and her friends? If so, let's get started and see how many images you can discover!