Fan-Tastic Concert

Join Barbie's crew to entertain her fans coming to see her show in the Fan-Tastic Concert game. Throw many goodies into the crowds to keep their mood up!

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About Fan-Tastic Concert Game

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Barbie just arrived for her show in the Fan-Tastic Concert game! However, there is a lot of work to do for outstanding performance. Besides the music, the public needs to be entertained by some impressive special effects, and more importantly, loads of goodies! But our star can't handle all these tasks at once. So, here is where you come in!

Your goal is to throw merch and handle the light and effects while Barbie sings her hits! Even though this might sound easy, you should pay attention to the public at all times and throw some goodies if their enthusiasm fades! Is it all clear? If so, let's hit the stage and get the show started!

How to Play

There will be many people in the crowd, but before you start entertaining them, you should learn the controls! Luckily you only need your mouse! The first step is to use your Left Click to pick an item and load it into the prize launcher. Then, hold your click to gain power and release it to launch. Careful though! You will have to throw items into the glowing parts of the public!

Barbie has three types of concerts you can choose from:

 - Two Voices, One Song;

 - Barbie Girl;

 - B Who U Wanna B;

After you make your pick, you need to select a difficulty. There are only two. You can start with the easy one if you just found the game, or try the hard mode if you have some experience!

Your role is to throw many goodies into the crowd to make them dance and enjoy the show. For this, there will be a Mood Meter you should keep an eye on. If it goes red and the crowd starts to get mellow, it means you need to throw even more merch! But if you're in the green, you're doing a good job, and you should keep it up!

There is more you should know!

There are four lanes to cheer and five items you can use! However, at first, you will have only a Barbie guitar pick. As you advance through levels, you can unlock posters or T-shirts to launch.

Also, you can hit the lights and glitter buttons and quickly cheer the whole crowd! But try not to waste them! Besides the unlimited guitar picks, the other items need to recharge for a while after you use them!

Lastly, make sure your aim is good enough! Try to make sure your goodies land on a whole lane for the first couple of levels. However, your targeted areas will shrink as you advance. If you succeed in landing every shot, you will win loads of points and make Barbie's concert a blast for all her fans!

Are you ready to join Barbie in her concerts and entertain the crowds? Let's see how many goodies you can throw!