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Try the Fashion Design Maker game to create stylish outfits for the glam queen, Barbie. Use any color pattern or accessory to make her clothes stand out!

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About Fashion Design Maker Game

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Making beautiful clothes for models sounds like a dream carrier. Don't worry! You will get to taste that life in the Fashion Design Maker game. Here, the worldwide superstar, Barbie, needs loads of outfits to wear at her glamorous events and wants you to design them. Will your creative spirit surpass the star's expectations?

Your role is to take care of every aspect that goes into creating the most stylish fit people on the red carpet have ever seen. For example, you will have to choose beautiful color combinations and some fine and glittery details. It's time to start this challenge and see if you can deal with the life of a designer.

How to Play

You only need your mouse to add any detail you would like to the fit. A piece of advice would be to first go through every category and start creating when you have a brief idea of how the fit should look. Then, you can begin letting loose by experimenting with all the color patterns and accessories you'd like.

By this time, you might be asking yourself what Barbie's fashion studio has in stock. Well, she prepared a top and dress for you to design. So, the first step is to add some color. Once you have the perfect combination, you can add a cute material or pattern. For example, you can try out a glittery dress and a top with a floral design. There are loads to discover, so try them all out!

However, you might not enjoy those premade designs and want a more personal touch. If so, don't worry! You can import an image of yourself or others to print on the clothes. Also, you can have it in many fun shapes like a heart, shoe, and many others. On top of all this, you can make the photo fit the colors of the clothes better by adding a cute filter.

There is more you should know!

Now it's time to add some accessories. Firstly you can begin by using a cute collar for the top. There are many options that can fit a casual date or a more formal event. Your choice! Also, if you did not add your pictures but still want a pattern that will stand out, you can put a glittery heart or other patterns on the fit.

Lastly, you should come up with a brand name for your outfit. You can come up with an original one or even use your name. Once you decide, pick a color for the writing and put it somewhere on the fit. Now the only thing left to do is to print a photo of your creation!

By this time, you surely are impatient to get started. So, let's not waste any more time and get started!