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Create your own story in the Barbie Raise Your Voice: Comic Maker Game! Decide the plot, the characters, and add some lively details for a great scene!

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Write your own story in the Barbie Raise Your Voice: Comic Maker Game! In this game, you decide what Barbie does, who she meets, and where she goes! You can create events for her to attend, write lines and funny dialogues, and design plots and experiences that will turn into beautiful memories. The choice is yours!

Design your own comic book with your favorite characters from Barbie's Universe! Choose your set, action, and props and come up with an entertaining storyline. Once the story is ready, print it and tie it up in a cute magazine that you can share with your friends!

Prepare the stage and let the play begin!

First, every great story needs a setting. Where will our play take place? And how will the page be divided? Choose the right environment for each section, so that the action has fluency as you go through the different frames. Use your mouse to select the background that you desire and drag and drop it on the canvas to fill the page.

Now, let's focus on the action! What items do we need to tell this story? From a courtyard party to a red carpet Gala or a haunted house, you create the course of events. If it's a party, we'll need lots of food. If Barbie is on tour in your story, we'll need a big concert scene and some totally cool outfits. Go ahead and add some details to bring life to your comic!

Let's add some characters, shall we?

To add one, choose and drag it from the pop-up list on the right side of the screen. There are many ways that you can represent your character. What is she or he wearing? What is their expression? Are they pointing at something or playing an instrument? 

The possibilities of what your character can do are almost unlimited! Still, if you don't find what you are looking for, you can go to the menu and design the posture, clothes, and expression of your favorite persona yourself!

Once it's on the canvas, use your mouse to shrink or enlarge an item by clicking the arrows surrounding the character. There are also buttons to rotate or delete an item, should you no longer need it. 

Do you like how our project turned out? Great, go ahead and hit the Print button! Now you have your very own comic book! You did a great job!