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Come live the mermaid fantasy with Barbie: Glam Splash game! Play as Merliah, see the underwater world from her perspective, and collect her accessories!

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Play Barbie: Glam Splash game and join the underwater adventure of Merliah! Are you a mermaid enthusiast? Now you have the perfect chance to be one. Feel free to swim around the fish flocks and admire the hidden ocean beauties.

The blonde is looking for some new accessories, so why don’t you give her a hand? You can choose whatever you like, but watch out for the danger looming in the dark! Maybe you will find some lovely pals to help you out. Enjoy the beachy background music, and get ready to dive in.

How to Play

Before you can start swimming, you should choose a tail first! Pick whatever colors suits your style most, then you can get going. To control Merliah, you need to use the Left, Right, Up, and Down arrow keys from your keyboard.

Now, what our mermaid needs most is five primary attachments- a tiara, a watch, a comb, a necklace, and a pet fish. They are all preserved in bubbles, which are easy to spot. Everything is pretty easy so far, right?

But a few creatures are threatening your safety! Stay away from the frightening sharks, whirlpools, and jellyfish. Otherwise, you will lose points and some of the collected items.

You shouldn’t fear the fish flocks, as they do not harm you in any way. If you don’t feel very safe, you can find dolphin pals to protect you on the way!

Once you collect all five essential accessories, you can consider yourself a winner! Merliah will be decorated with everything you managed to gather. Good job on the makeover!

Useful tips

Although only five items are mandatory for you to collect, there is one way to accumulate more points. You can also grab the bonus articles. Sure, the flowers and jewels have a smaller value than the big five, but they will make your mermaid look even better!

If you always want to be safe, you should stay away from the ocean floor - that’s where the jellyfish are coming from. Trust me, you don’t want to get stung! 

Now that your journey is over, you can finally get your reward. Print out a poster with your favorite mermaid and her dolphin friend!

Dare to explore the ocean depths, discover beautiful accessories and beware of the looming dangers.