McKenna's Cups & Cupcakes

Find a balance between helping out at a cafe and studying in the McKenna's Cups & Cupcakes game! Can you serve all the customers and also finish homework?

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Play the McKenna's Cups & Cupcakes game and join the young girl in her daily antics of helping her mother in the cafe and doing homework. Although McKenna likes to study and stay on top of her schoolwork, she also makes sure to land a hand and serve customers in the little Seattle cafe Almost Home.

Your job in this game is to keep the cafe's customers happy by serving them hot beverages and pastries. However, McKenna must not ignore her homework, so finding time between orders is mandatory. Will you manage to find a balance between helping out at the cafe and the girl's studies?

How to Play 

You will only need your mouse to play this game. When customers appear at the counter, click on the question mark to see their orders. Each treat takes a bit of time to be ready. Once the meter is complete, the item will flash, and you're free to serve it to the waiting customer. If you have the wrong order, you can get rid of it by throwing it in the bin.

Try to keep your customers happy by serving them in the order they arrived. Each person has a time bar that empties the longer they wait for their order. Once it runs out, your customer loses patience and will leave, costing you points.

Now and again, a study icon will pop up next to McKenna's mother. That means it is time for the young girl to do her homework. Click on the desk and have McKenna study until the meter fills up. Completing it will give you extra time to wait on the customers, and the study icon will disappear.

So will you be able to handle doing two things at once? Help McKenna finish her homework and make all the Almost Home customers come back happily!