Addy Mancala

Put your thinking and strategy skills into practice with the Addy Mancala game! Count the beans and defeat your opponent by collecting all of them!

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Play the Addy Mancala game and discover the ins and outs of this classic counting game. Addy and her older brother Sam love playing Mancala against each other. They use objects like buttons and dried beans to count. Are you ready to learn this tricky game and learn new tricks to become the best player?

Mancala is easy to learn, so you can quickly become a master at this game. The goal is to split your beans in clever ways and collect as many as possible in the big pit. If you're good at counting, you should have no problems. You should also try your best to stop your opponent from stealing your beans. Once you get the hang of it, winning will be easy.

How to Play

You only need your mouse to play this game. The game board has six small pits and a big one for each player. You start the game with four beans in every little hole. Click on any small hole, and the beans will get distributed forward, one by one, until there are none left. Your goal is to collect as many beans as possible in the big pit.

You can only drop beans in your big pit, but not in your opponent's. You can also get a free turn if the last bean you dropped is in your collection hole. Capturing your opponent's beans is possible if the bean you dropped is in an empty pit on your side of the board.

If you have no more beans on your side, you automatically capture all your rival's remaining beans. What a catch! You win if you have the most beans. You can also claim victory if you have a little more than half of the number of beans!

Can you become the champion at Mancala and show off your counting skills?