Baby Winx Adventure

Fly as swiftly as you can over the tracks in the Baby Winx Adventure game. Change the lanes to avoid the obstacles and collect the precious jewels!

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About Baby Winx Adventure Game

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If you are a fan of marathons, Baby Winx Adventure is the kind of game for you. These babies are not messing around when it comes to a good run or maybe flight? Even though they are small and cute, they can go fast. But take care! This race also has some obstacles. 

You can also be a coach to them and show them how to avoid all those things on the flying track. You should probably remind them to catch the items floating in the air as well, the diamonds and the funny-looking bottles containing magical substances. 

Ready, Steady, Fly!

The aim of this game is to guide the baby fairy on the flying track. The thing is that someone did not do their job well, and now there are some obstacles. You will need to avoid all these things. Otherwise, you will, unfortunately, lose the game.

Among the obstacles, there will be some cute little goats. Don't be fooled by their cuteness! Goats should not be on flying tracks at any given time. The only thing they will do here is to create a mess. Also, you will encounter some fences, which you are advised once again to avoid.

To do all that will not be too difficult. Just click on the left or right half of the screen to make the baby Winx fairy fly over another line.

Useful Tips

It might get challenging every now and then, especially when the track comes to a corner. Because then, the whole perspective changes. You need just some getting used to for that; other than that, you're fine.

Don't forget to also collect all the shiny diamonds floating above! You will use them later on for trading. If you collect enough of those, you can unlock new characters or upgrade some potions and many more things. The more you will play this game, the more interesting it will become!