Attack to Magix

Help the Winx team protect their magical world in the Attack to Magix game! Command your fairy soldiers, use unique spells, and defeat all the monsters!

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About Attack to Magix Game

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In the Attack to Magix game, evil forces are again causing chaos. Lord Darkar, with his sinister army of creatures, has launched an attack on this enchanted realm. But hope is not lost! The brave Winx fairies have stepped forward, ready to defend their home. It's an epic battle between light and darkness, magic and monsters!

You are the guiding force behind the Winx fairies! As the leader, you'll help them cast spells, face the monsters, and protect the magical dimension of Magix. Remember, the safety of Magix depends on you!

How to Play

It's super easy to guide the Winx fairies! All you need is your trusty mouse. Use it to pick which fairy to play as and decide which magical spell she should use.

You'll start your journey from Alfea, then move through magical places like Pixie Village, Cloud Tower, and Red Fountain. Your ultimate goal is to reach the final map: Darkar's Fortress, where the biggest challenges await.

Let's meet the heroes! You can play as any of the Winx fairies, but remember that each one has her own special spells. Here's a quick list:

- Bloom can use Dragon's Blow and Fire Ball.

- Flora shines with Flower Power and Golden Pollen.

- Layla has the awesome Enveloping Fluid and Fluid Storm.

- Stella can dazzle with Solar Wind and Energy Sphere.

- Musa brings the noise with Sonic Sphere and Mega Sound.

- Tecna electrifies with Laser and Electric Volcane.

Once you've chosen a fairy and her spell, you'll see an Energy meter. This meter fills up, and you should try to click at just the right time when it's almost full. This will make your spell super powerful!

There's more you should know!

However, battles aren't just about attacking. You've got to be strategic. Each fairy and monster has a health bar that shows their strength. If a fairy's health bar runs out, she'll leave the game, but you can use the others to continue the battle. But if all the fairies lose their energy, well, it's game over. So, be careful!

After you conquer a map, you get bonus points and extra health to help your fairies recover! This way, they're all set and ready for the next big challenge.

As you journey from one map to another, from Alfea to the mysterious Darkar's Fortress, you'll face monsters increasingly tougher. But don't worry! The Winx fairies have your back; with your guidance, they can overcome any challenge.

Also, keep in mind not all spells work the same on every monster. Some spells might be super effective against certain foes, but not so much against others. And each Winx Fairy reacts differently to enemy attacks. So, experiment with different combinations, and you'll soon discover the best strategies to win!

The world of Magix is both beautiful and challenging, filled with wonders and dangers. With your help, the Winx fairies can reclaim their home and keep magic alive. Are you ready to dive into this enchanting adventure and make a difference? Jump in and let the magic begin!